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We each hold and share the responsibility to invest in our children’s education to secure for them a better future and to enable them to become the leaders of tomorrow. The importance of education and the support of this program will have significant impact on a generation that has been marginalized and forgotten. The Generation Hope for Syria program at Jusoor aims to provide Syrian children with proper education by enrolling them in public and private schools in their host countries and giving them the opportunity for a continuous and stable education. The program also aims to give Syrians around the world a concrete role to play in educating our Syrian children, by providing the opportunity to sponsor a Syrian child’s education.


Jusoor launched our Generation Hope for Syria program in Lebanon in June 2013. The program has two parts. First, we run on informal education program for students who are out of school to ensure they have a basic education, including Arabic literacy, mathematics, and English language. Second, we work to enroll as many students as possible in public and private schools throughout Lebanon and support them in the transition with reinforcing after school support. To date, Jusoor has facilitated the enrollment of nearly 100 children in the public school system. We have also begun an effort to enroll children in private schools. Private schools have space available for Syrian students and many schools are generously offering to take Syrian children at a discounted tuition fee. In addition to the center for informal education in Beirut, Jusoor recently opened a school in the Beqa’a area in Lebanon that can receive up to 200 students. We are looking for families to sponsor all students that need to have access to a school education, and have many children that are relying on your generosity to be able to go to school.

How this program works

1. Jusoor has secured seats in different schools for Syrian children to be able to attend school and have a fair chance like any other child to have access to proper education. 
2. Students will go through the necessary training and classes to be able to pass the placement tests and enroll in the schools during the fall 2014 semester. Key criteria: strong academic potential (we need to ensure these children can pass placement exams), have not been in school for a number of years. 
3. Jusoor will secure a sponsor for each of the students to cover tuition fees, books and necessary school supplies as well as transportation for each child to attend the school.
4. Jusoor will proudly share all the profiles of the children that are being prepared to go through the placement tests in order to be registered in schools and will also be sharing their progress and success throughout the school year. Finally, we will give sponsors the opportunity to connect via Skype with their students periodically to facilitate a personal connection and see the progress that is being made. Want to help? Here is how:

Become a Sponsor

The cost for one student is of $600 a year; this includes tuition fees, books, stationery, school supplies and transportation. Take a look at the profile of children that you can sponsor - choose one or more and make a huge difference in their lives. Sponsoring can be done once a year or in monthly installments of $50 depending on your preference. Becoming a sponsor will give you the opportunity to get to know the student, talk to them over Skype or other social networks, follow up with their progress and see how your contribution is directly affecting a child, his future and his ability to become an active and efficient member as a part of a future generation. You can gather several members from your family to raise the amount and a child! Bring your friends together and sponsor a child! Want to be a major contributor? Sponsor 2 or more students and help Jusoor build their future.

View Children's Profiles

Sponsor A Child

Spread the word Help Jusoor spread the word by sharing this information with your friends and community! Bring in your family and friends to contribute with you and sponsor a child. Together we will make a significant difference and every effort counts.  
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